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Take value out of your Data

Combine Business Intelligence with Deep Neural Networks


of our customers said that Bussiness Insight Corporation improved their business performance.


We help organizations become Intelligent.

Data driven organizations make better business decisions and initiate performance improvements through pervasive access to better information by all personnel. We bring scalability to thousands of users, scalability to terabytes of data, boardroom quality report presentation, and unconstrained analytical flexibility in unique User Interface. Your Data are distilled using traditional Business Intelligent technologies and state of the art Neural Networks.

Artificial Intelligence

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Although ANNs have been around for decades, new recent advances in technology allow ANN algorithms to become more sophisticated with the use of Deep Learning. Deep Learning has proved it can outperform any other algorithm when it comes to complex problems such as classification, natural language processing, speech recognition and predictions.

The special characteristic for DNN is the “learning through training” modality, resembling the capacity of the brain to learn, assimilate and recall this knowledge in anticipation of a future event. Via trained learning, the network self-adapts and changes its structural characteristics; this is based on the information that flows through the network neurons.

Our goal is to develop a deep neural network with your organization's data to estimate the chance of success of any future action. We will use your databases to load, train, test and evaluate our models. The combination of all those data, will help our algorithm to understand human actions in a better way.

Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence software allows your company to tap into your many databases and deliver easy-to-comprehend insights to employees, management, and business partners. Business Intelligence software is already being used by thousands of companies to find new revenue opportunities, reduce costs, reallocate resources, and improve operational efficiency.

Our mission is to allow every business person to make more informed decisions by providing them timely, relevant, and accurate answers to their business questions.

Collaborative Intelligence


Together we can work towards a smarter future blending together human intelligence with the artificial one. Build a supervised learning model to identify frequent item sets and association rules from transactional data.

Build a collaborative filtering model based on past purchases by "customers like them". It is very powerful way to recommend products to customers based on past purchases.

Build a dynamic pricing model that adjusts the price based on customer response to offers.

Together we can build a predictive model that learns over time as users accept or reject offers made by the sales staff. Your "next best offer" model will be created in the most intelligent way.

You can segment customers by behavioral characteristics. Your clustering methodology will be set and adjusted automatically.

Creating and cementing alliances within the organization is critical. Combining data is the key ingridient that can be achieved with Deep Neural Networks.

Creating Value

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It's time to take advantage of your data in a new approach. The use of business information and analytics will differentiates you within your industry to become top performer.

You can put this new kind of analytics to use in the widest possible range of decisions, large and small. Today you can shape future strategies and day-to-day operations with Intelligence.